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Bob Lucky, General Editor
Ray Rasmussen, Technical Editor

Contents Page: July 2018, vol 14 no 2

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Random Praise: Bob Lucky, Random Praise: The Writing of Lew Watts and J. Zimmerman

Featured Writer: Jeffrey Woodward, Stray Memoranda on the Art of Haibun

Articles, Interviews, Book Reviews & Commentaries:

. Bob Lucky, Review of Kala Ramesh's Beyond the Horizon Beyond

. Bob Lucky, Commentary on my haibun "Running with the Yaks"

. Ray Rasmussen, Commentary on my haibun "Unsaddled"

. Ray Rasmussen, Review of Harriot West's Shades of Absence

Announcements & News:

.Journeys 2018 Announcement

.Failed Haiku: A Journal of English Senryu has just been released

. Mary Frederick Ahearn, Feral
. Richard Allen Anderson, Immaculate Misconception
. Steve Andrews, Spring Picnic
. Gabriel Bates, Years Later
. Ed Bremson, Spring…
. John Budan, 8:15 to 8:18
. Matthew Caretti, A Different Word For It
. Teri White Carns, It’s Not a Pet
. Anna Cates, Poet's Diary
. Salil Chaturvedi, The Meadow
. Glenn G. Coats, Come to the Light
. Cherie Hunter Day, Drive
. Angelee Deodhar, Café au lait
. J Hahn Doleman, Caught in the Moment
. J Hahn Doleman, Year of the Rooster
. Lynn Edge, Omen
. Claire Everett, Twenty-nine Summers
. Peter Fiore, A Postcard To Jimmy Dying In Seattle
. Marilyn Fleming, Bumps in the Road
. Mark Forrester, You Fight Your Fight and I'll Fight Me
. Terri L. French, Redstone Village
. Tim Gardiner, Boggis Electrical
. Mark Gilbert, After School
. Bill Gottlieb, Local Color
. Richard Grahn, Make that a Double
. Autumn Noelle Hall, Picture This
. Charles Halsted, The Handout
. Dan Hardison, By His Side
. Ruth Holzer, Stone Me
. Alex Jankiewicz, In Living Color
. Peter Jastermsky, Changing Times
. Roger Jones, Classroom, with Pictures
. Maureen Kingston, To Market, To Market
. Carol Krauss, The Song of the Red Fox
. Doris Lynch, In Praise of Sunflowers
. Charlotte Mandel, New Home on the Fourth of July
. Jonathan McKeown, Neighbourhood
. Gautam Nadkarni, Beating A Retreat
. Peter Newton, Bluethroat
. Peter Newton, Joy
. Gail Oare, Lamination
. Tom Painting, Figures
. Brett Peruzzi, Last Ski of the Season
. Joan Prefontaine, A Certain Look
. Patricia Prime, Crossed Wires
. Kala Ramesh, A Dewdrop World
. Hema Ravi, Idyll
. Dave Read, Namaste?
. Dian Duchin Reed, The Way
. Tiffany Shaw-Diaz, Secrets I Used to Keep
. Kathryn Stevens, The Comfort Inn
. Barbara Tate, Quintessence
. Christine Taylor, Backyard Pastoral
. Christine Taylor, New Moon
. Kreg Viessleman, A Beer From Anywhere Else
. Lew Watts, Out of the Mouths of Babes and Sucklings
. Harriot West, A Son’s Eulogy
. John Zheng, Territorial Claim
. Edward Zuk, Hiroshima

CHO Staff Haibun:

.Bob Lucky, Secret Ingredient

.Ray Rasmussen, Not Amused

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